Ozone Generator for Industrial RO Water Purification System

Ozone Generator for Industrial RO Water Purification System

WATER TREATMENT OZONE GENERATOR Corona discharge type ozone generator with portable design. Generation chambers utilizin
Basic Info
Model NO. 3G/5G/10/30G
Trademark Hellopure
Origin Shanghai, China
HS Code 8421
Production Capacity 1000PCS Per Month
Product Description
Material of shellSS
SerialOZ and SOZ

Corona discharge type ozone generator with portable design. Generation chambers utilizing dehydroxylation quartz glass structure with high safety factor, good stability, unique cooling technology, effective heat dissipation and low working temperature. Power supply unit come with epoxy sealed, the modular design, together with moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, over-voltage protection, power converter thermal protection, high pressure open circuit protection, short circuit protection, high anti-jamming ability, stable continuous performance. Components, connectors and gas piping are antioxidant have ensured the products have longer lifespan, bigger corona discharge area, lower temperature and higher ozone concentration.
1.unique air-cooled cooling technology, 0-120 minutes timer;
2.the shell is made of 304 stainless steel with portable design, atmospheric and beautiful, durable;
3.high conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life;
4.Compatible with air or oxygen source
5.air-compressor oxygen generator integrated


What is Ozone?
Ozone is a high energy and very unstable molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). The extra atom of oxygen attempts to recombine any things in its path in order to stabilize. When it comes in contact with contaminants such as Bacteria, Virus, or Organic Waste Materials Ozone acts as an oxidizer. Ozone is the strongest oxidizer commercially available.

How Ozone is Produce?
Ozone is produce from lightning bolts during an electric storm. The electric discharge disassociates the oxygen molecule in the air. The fresh smell that is present after a thunderstorm is a proof that Mother Nature is purifying the air. Ultraviolet rays from the sun react with oxygen in our atmosphere to form our protective ozone layer. We duplicated these process using charged electrodes. When the air we breathe which contains 21% oxygen, is passed thorough the ozonator, the oxygen in air is converted to ozone.

How does ozone works?
Because ozone is a high energy molecule, as soon as it comes in contact with organic matter the third oxygen atom detaches itself and combines with the contaminants in an oxidization reaction.
Ozone is used for air & water purification for the following reasons:
For eliminating all known types of Bacteria & Virus from water and air.
For removing the odor from water and air.
For removing the color from water.
It improves the taste of the water.
Gives the water a sparkling appearance.
Removes Chlorine odors and its by products from the water.
For increasing the shelf life of the bottled water.
For oxidizing residual organics present in the water.
For reducing TOC from the water.
For reducing COD & BOD from the water.
Is Ozone Environment friendly?
Ozone is 100% safe in water or in air in approves and recognized applications. Since it significantly reduces the amount of chemicals required, it leaves water in its most nature state. The only by-product ozone leaves behind is oxygen.

How does ozone improve a conventional chemical program?
Conventional chemical treatment programs require a suitable residual of santizer (chlorine) to be kept in the water. As the sanitizer does its job of destroying organisms and microorganisms, it leaves by - products called chloramines or bromamines in the water which are carcinogenic in nature i.e. cancer causing. Ozone burns off these chloramines and gives water a sparkling finish.

Is Ozonated water have pleasant test?
Ozone water destroying organism, microorganism organic matter, increases the oxygen level in water, oxygen saturated waters have a pleasant test while the waters lacking oxygen have an insipid taste. Drinking waters are thus aerated to improve taste. Presence of dissolves oxygen also indicates the absence of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrite, ferrous iron and organic matter.

Is your drinking water safe?
Water treatment process kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that causes illness or disease, but the byproducts of the process that can from in water can also be potentially dangerous.
Researchers in the U.S. have determined a chemical pathway to form cynaogen chloride a toxic disinfection by product. Chemicals and substances, such as chloride used for disinfection reacts with other agents in water to form byproducts which pose health risks. An alternative method is to initially use ozone for disinfecting, reports The Science Teacher. Since the ozone does not stay in water for a long time in leaves no residue. To act as a disinfectant until the water gets to the tap chloramines and chlorine substitutes can be added finally. (The Hindu Science & Technology dated 20.06.96)
Is Ozone powerful than other disinfectant?
Yes, ozone is 3-times more powerful and 3000 - times acts faster than chlorine. U.V. lights are stagnant and will not be effective for turbid or colored water. Testing to date shows that ozonation destroys Cryptosporidium, a pathogenic cyst, similar to Guardia that does not respond to chemical disinfections. It is 100 to 300 times more effective against Guardia cyst, as by contact time.