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Feed Earth Now,Inc., a subsidiary of Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV) inescrow, announces its revolutionary food waste recycling system thatutilizes acidic fermentation to create the highest value end productof any other food waste recycling system. FEN's decentralizedindustrial-scale food waste recycling system is designed to reducefood waste and create a sustainable system that benefits both theenvironment and agriculture.

FEN has been testing its end product, Terreplenish,on more than 100 plant varieties in different soil types for more than10 years in Illinois. Recently, FEN has partnered with Easy EnergySystems to modularize its system into the size of a transportableshipping container, creating the Easy FEN module, which can convert25+ tons of food waste each day.

Terreplenish is asafe and effective consortium of beneficial nitrogen that protectsplants against disease while restoring the soil's water holdingcapacity, reducing irrigation demands. It has received multiplecertifications, including being OMRI listed, USDA-certified as a 97%biobased soil product, and approved by CFDA as an organic product forsoil in California.

FeedEarth Now's plan is to collaborate with grocery store chains,existing food waste recyclers, and other large waste generatorsthroughout California to create plug-and-play circular economies thatkeep methane-producing organics out of landfills while supportingnitrogen needs for organic and conventional farms, coops, golfcourses, and city green spaces.

"We are excited to bring our decentralizedindustrial-scale food waste recycling system to California. Our visionis to reduce food waste and create a sustainable system that benefitsboth the environment and agriculture," said FEN's CEO CathyScratch. "By collaborating with large waste generators, we aim tocreate circular economies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fightclimate change, and support sustainable agriculture."

FEN's innovativesystem is a step forward in reducing food waste and creatingsustainable and true regenerative agriculture. FEN's end product,Terreplenish, is a game-changer in the industry and has the potentialto revolutionize the way we think about food waste recycling.

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"Recycling foodwaste is a benevolent way of feeding the world, preserving resources,protecting the environment, and sustaining our planet." - BillBliler, Easy Energy Systems

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