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Maple Hope Foundation Delivers 30 MOVES® SLC™ Life

Mar 16, 2023Mar 16, 2023

Maple Hope Foundation Donates 30 MOVES® SLC™ Thornhill Medical Life-support Systems to Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maple Hope Foundation, a registered Canadian non-profit organization, today announced the delivery of a generous donation of 30 Thornhill Medical life-support systems, MOVES® SLC™, for immediate use in Ukraine by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as part of Maple Hope's Medical Relief Initiative.

The medical equipment was donated to Maple Hope Foundation by the Government of Canada. As part of Maple Hope Foundation's deployment of the donation in Ukraine, Thornhill Medical is contributing technology training to military anesthesiologists, along with medical accessories and consumables. The casualty care portable life-support system will be utilized by forward medical personnel for casualty and patient care, transport of patients by land and air, and in other critical care environments.

Thornhill Medical's MOVES® SLC™ is a micro-integrated life support system, which was designed for the provision of medical care in conflict and disaster-stricken zones. The portable, battery-operated system which is both lightweight and rugged, combines an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete patient monitoring into a single, compact, system.

Medical experts at Maple Hope Foundation and in Ukraine have expressed their gratitude for this new donation of the proven technology, emphasizing its dire need. The MOVES® SLC™ has been in use in Ukraine by civilian and military medical personnel since 2022; and there is great demand for additional systems.

Quotes:"Doctors of our center highly appreciate the capabilities and functionality of the MOVES SLС life support system in working with the wounded. We used this system for evacuation, transportation of the seriously injured, and when performing additional research methods (CT).This module was used by doctors to transport the wounded both by ground and air transport. The MOVES SLS system turned out to be quite compact, convenient and easy to use, protected from damage due to the metal case. With its help, monitoring of patients' vital functions and adequate artificial ventilation of the wounded's lungs was fully ensured. The presence of an oxygen generator in the system additionally expands the capabilities of the device, which will greatly facilitate the work of doctors. A powerful battery allows patients to be transported over long distances without the need for on-board power. The use of the tablet allowed the staff to quickly change the necessary parameters and monitor the indicators. The use of the MADM system effectively provides sedation of the wounded during transportation The MOVES SLC life support module is a highly effective and practical means of saving the lives of the wounded during military operations in Ukraine in 2022. It is modern, high-tech equipment that is extremely necessary to save the lives of the wounded in the conditions of Ukraine's war with the Russian Federation."

Oleksandr Bugai, Deputy Commander of the Medical Forces, Chief Anesthesiologist of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

"The Maple Hope Foundation expresses tremendous pride in its contribution to the delivery of cutting-edge medical equipment that will undoubtedly have a significant impact in emergency medical situations. This new capability will empower front line Ukrainian medical teams to save more lives and dramatically improve medical outcomes for casualties. The Foundation remains fully committed to its mission of providing much-needed medical support, and this latest initiative marks a significant step towards achieving that goal."

-Dr. Irina Chorny, Chief Medical Advisor of the "Maple Hope" Foundation

"Thornhill Medical is pleased to continue its support to Ukraine's front-line military and civilian medical providers as they treat life-threatening injuries and to help Maple Hope Foundation deliver medical humanitarian relief to those in Ukraine."

-Lesley Gouldie, CEO, Thornhill Medical

About Maple Hope Foundation: Maple Hope Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit organization providing humanitarian relief to Ukraine since 2014. The organization's mission is to provide Ukrainians relief from the impacts of war by delivering direct humanitarian aid to Ukraine and assisting displaced Ukrainians arriving in Canada. Since Russia's invasion in 2022, the organization provided UAH 243 million worth of humanitarian aid.

About Thornhill Medical: Thornhill Medical's ground-breaking products are designed to be used globally by emergency health care providers, humanitarian and military medical teams. Thornhill's oxygen-focused research and applications are transforming patient care in extreme circumstances, while inspiring and enabling other new technologies to unlock vital life-saving solutions. Thornhill Medical's innovations are in 19+ countries including in Ukraine. With a team committed to courage, collaboration and saving lives, Thornhill Medical leads the way in the nimble and precision-focused field of medical technologies.

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