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New Attractants, Calls & Decoys for 2023

Apr 11, 2023Apr 11, 2023

(Photo courtesy of Scent Crusher/Tim Kent)

Scent Crusher's new Ozone Base Camp Generator was created with versatility in mind, as this portable, lightweight unit is perfect for deodorizing hunting gear, trucks and even campers. Producing 750 milligrams of odor-destroying ozone per hour, the Base Camp Generator works fast and will have your vehicles and gear odor free in time for your next hunt, as ozone is scientifically proven to eliminate odors from sweat, soaps, food, perfume, smoke and more. The Ozone Base Camp Generator includes a convenient carry handle and rear mounting bracket and measures approximately 9x7x3.35 inches. Operation is simple, with two-button functionality to select high/low ozone output settings and run time (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours or 4 hours) — all detailed on an illuminated LCD display. The whisper-quiet unit runs up to 12 hours on a single charge of the included rechargeable battery. Also comes with an AC wall plug, USB-C charging cable and vehicle power adapter with USB port for charging at home or on the go. $374.99 |

Hunters demand every possible edge, and Duel Outdoors’ New SDS (Scent Disruption System) field spray features a proprietary blend of ingredients that confuse a game animal's ability to smell. Spray SDS around your setup to keep your presence a secret and the element of surprise in your favor. Harnessing both natural and synthetic compounds, SDS overpowers, overwhelms and disrupts an animal's uncanny sense of smell, keeping you, the hunter, undetected when the wind swirls. SDS is effective to use for hunting, scouting and checking trail cameras. And it's useful for all styles of hunting, whether you hunt from an elevated stand, ground blind or on foot, either stalking or still-hunting. You can also apply it to decoys, trail cameras and your boot soles for the ultimate concealment. $14.99 (10-ounce can) |

For many years, the Primos team has produced some of the best elk-hunting footage available, and the company's extensive elk-call collection is a huge part of that success. Now, nothing is worse than when you go to challenge a bull only to find your bugle tube's diaphragm call is missing. That's why Primos outfitted the aptly named Slide Bugle with a sliding tray to hold and protect the diaphragm when not in use. The Slide Bugle provides convenient lip alignment and produces realistic bugles, grunts, growls and chuckles, thanks to the integrated resonating chamber. Easily interchange among bull, cow and calf diaphragms to "Speak the Language." $45.95 |

Caribou are almost always moving on the wide-open terrain they inhabit. This makes for difficult archery hunting. However, caribou are naturally inquisitive. What if there was a caribou decoy that mounts to your bow? Done! Ultimate Predator has long been producing shoot-through decoys that have helped bowhunters draw in game and fill their tags against all odds. The Stalker Caribou looks like a young cow caribou and is the latest addition to the Stalker line. Created as a result of popular demand, the Stalker Caribou features a photo-realistic image printed on durable, UV-resistant, micro-suede fabric. The decoy weighs about half a pound, folds flat to slip easily into your pack and has blaze orange safety straps that can easily be moved out of the way and put back in place when needed. $119.95 |

Team Bone Collector — Michael Waddell, Travis "T-Bone" Turner and Nick Mundt — have been using Big&J attractants for several years because the results are undeniable. They’ve found Big&J products put more deer in front of their game cameras and stands, and they’ve seen consistent growth in bucks. For 2023, the team has taken the partnership a step further with the development of BONE COLLECTOR BLEND. Available in both dry (shown above) and liquid forms, BONE COLLECTOR BLEND features an exclusive mix of irresistible ingredients that will help fellow deer hunters see and harvest more deer season after season. $19.99 (20-pound bag) and $10.99 (Liquid) |

Ozonics generators have saved many hunts by flooding the downwind airstream with ozone molecules that attach to odor molecules and effectively erase your human scent and other odors. While all past Ozonics units have proven effective, the new HR500 features some notable upgrades. Noise in the Boost and Hyperboost modes is substantially reduced, and now you also can leverage the benefits of an app-enabled interface (via Bluetooth) and remote-control compatibility. Easily reference the HR500's remaining battery life and local weather conditions on the Ozonics app, which also gives you full operational control of the unit from your phone — no more standing up, turning around and reaching in the air to change modes or power the unit on or off. $599.99 |

Code Blue is introducing two new dripper pouches in the Code Red line. Choose between Buck Urine Dripper and the Doe Estrous Dripper, depending on the timing of your hunt. Ideal when used in conjunction with a scrape or mock scrape, simply hang the 3-ounce pouch and adjust the rate at which the scent dispenses based on preference. Use the Buck Urine Dripper all season long to spark curiosity or trigger dominance, and count on the Doe Estrous Dripper from mid-season through the post-rut to attract the bucks. This mess-free dispenser keeps scent in the area even when you aren't hunting, which is a benefit when trying to maximize activity in front of a trail camera. $9.99 each |

Moultrie's Ranch Series 300 Auger Feeder holds up to 300 pounds of wildlife or livestock feed — it's compatible with any feed type. Rust is no longer an issue when using mineral additives, as feed is dispensed through a stainless-steel auger. A 12V 7AH battery (not included) powers the unit, and powder-coated metal construction ensures longevity through weather and varmint abuse. The internal hopper, which ensures that all feed gets dispensed, guides feed straight into a feeding trough or directly onto the ground. Micromanage the feeder's settings and schedule with the Easy Set programmable digital timer. Adjust the feeder's legs based on the setting and species pursued. Also in the Ranch Series 300 are a Gravity Feeder and Broadcast Feeder. $599.99 (Auger), $499.99 (Gravity) and $549.99 (Broadcast) |

The two-dimensional Muley Buck from Montana Decoy is designed to exploit a mule deer buck's curiosity and trigger his dominance. Posing as a subordinate buck, the decoy is so real — a real mule deer buck photo HD printed onto durable fabric — that it will fire-up even the most mature bucks. Position it 20-25 yards upwind of your ambush, or use it as part of your stalking strategy. The Muley Buck decoy is lightweight and easy to pack; use it with the Quickstand or TipUp Stand. Trigger even more jealousy from your target buck by pairing the Muley Buck with Montana's Miss Muley decoy. Price Unavailable |

If you want to see more deer, X-Treme Harvest from C’Mere Deer is the ticket. This all-new formula takes fast-acting attractants to the next level. With roasted corn and soybeans, protein-packed X-Treme Harvest has an incredible aroma that attracts deer from long distances. Deer crave the incredible flavor, and it keeps them coming back. Within a short period of time, expect deer activity to increase; even mature bucks will find it irresistible and begin to dominate the site. Attract deer fast and make the most of your time in the woods with X-Treme Harvest. $14.95 per 5-pound bag |

Why carry cumbersome antlers when you can carry the Rack Jack from Hunters Specialties? Crafted from a durable, high-impact resin, this two-piece rattling device is designed to simulate two different bucks battling it out, creating a deadly attractive sequence. The secret is in the contrasting resins, which produce different sounds. Compact, easy to carry and convenient, the Rack Jack is easy to operate; plunge the ram in and back out to clash the internal rings together. Create a realistic rattling sequence that carries long distances but without the bulk of big antlers. $29.99 |

Blast scent into the downwind airstream, onto leaves and foliage, into scrapes, onto game trails or around a decoy with Wildlife Research Center's new pressurized Premium Spray Cans. Deer hunters can choose between Buck Nip and Golden Scrape, while elk hunters can get the Golden Estrous Elk. The bag-on-valve system separates the scent from the propellent — that means your scents aren't diluted with an aerosol. The Golden Scrape is the cream of the crop, boasting a killer mixture of scents — Golden Estrous, buck scent, fresh-scraped earth and Territorial Musk — sure to keep bucks coming back to scrapes and mock scrapes. The Golden Scrape and Golden Estrous Elk feature Scent Reflex Technology for enhanced results. $15.99-$19.99 |

A whitetail doe's estrous cycle typically lasts 21 days, and at a specific time during that cycle, science suggests that estrogen levels peak. Bucks cannot resist does in this state, and that's what makes Tink's PEAK30 so effective. It's tested and guaranteed to have 30 picograms of estrogen in every 1-ounce bottle. Tink's has long been the go-to brand for whitetail hunters across the nation, and now this specialized, science-backed rut formula adds a new level of attraction to the scent game. Put a buck in your shooting lane with PEAK30. $15.99 (1-ounce) |

Dead Down Wind's proven ScentPrevent anti-odor enzymes combine with new NIDORX technology to destroy and eliminate odors — not cover and mask them — in the all-new Dead Down Wind Black lineup of scent-eliminating products. The NIDORX additive works harder and faster, and it's effective on odors caused by pets, fuel, food, humans and others that are alarming to deer. The Black line includes the gamut of scent-elimination products in multiple sizes for serious hunters. The convenient Dead Down Wind Black Premium Odor Elimination Kit includes the following to get you started: 12-ounce Field Spray, 12-ounce 3-in-1 Wash and 20-ounce Laundry Detergent. $29.99 (Kit) |

Tonnage is a huge benefit for food plots that experience heavy grazing, and that's why Antler King's Collard Greens make an ideal add-in when planting other Antler King seeds, or as a standalone planting. Produces huge, multi-leaf plants that are rich with nutrition and cold-tolerant, an all-season attractant for the North or South. Collard Greens have the lowest tannin levels of any brassica, meaning they’re palatable to deer all season long. Give deer the nutrition and energy they need to rebound following a taxing rut with highly attractive Collard Greens. The 1-pound bag plants an eighth of an acre. $7.99 (1-pound) |

$374.99 | $14.99 (10-ounce can) | $45.95 | $119.95 | $19.99 (20-pound bag) and $10.99 (Liquid) | $599.99 | $9.99 each | $599.99 (Auger), $499.99 (Gravity) and $549.99 (Broadcast) | Price Unavailable | $14.95 per 5-pound bag | $29.99 | $15.99-$19.99 | $15.99 (1-ounce) | $29.99 (Kit) | $7.99 (1-pound) |