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Ozonics Launches New HR500

Apr 21, 2023Apr 21, 2023

When it comes to scent control and containment, there's a seemingly endless supply of options on the store shelves. You’ll find everything from cheap gadgets and gimmicks, to legit hunting gear that truly works when it comes to knocking down your human odor.

One of the products that has earned its keep as a workhorse in the scent control game is the Ozonics unit. What is it? The Ozonics unit is an ozone generator.

How does it work?

The Ozonics device creates a constant stream of ozone to destroy your human scent so deer and other animals can't tell you’re there. It's one of the few scent control products backed by undeniable science. The Ozonics team says that as the device electronically changes ordinary oxygen into ozone, it chemically alters your human odors to leave you undetectable.

Given the right concentration of ozone and the right amount of time, your scent will always be destroyed. Ozonics uses scientifically proven technology to deliver the right oxidant concentration to bond to your scent molecules and reduce, alter, and eliminate your odor. It's the science of purification brought to your hunt.

For 2022, Ozonics is launching their latest ozone generator for big game hunters with the release of their all-new Ozonics HR500 unit. Below, you’ll see the added benefits of this latest ozone generating device. But first, take a closer look at the HR500 in the video below.

The HR500 was built to be a quieter unit. These generators are built with a fan inside the housing. As you’d expect, the fan produces a light humming sound. For some hunters, it's just enough to cause concern about spooking game. The number one customer request Ozonics has received over the years is, "Can it be made quieter?"

For 2022, Ozonics answered the demand for a quieter unit with their new HR 500. You’ll hardly hear the device at all when it's running in the Standard mode (the mode used for hunting in a ground blind, or shooting house). But even in Boost mode (treestand mode), the HR500 is noticeably quieter than it's predecessor, the HR300.

The slight humming sound has been greatly reduced from past units thanks to a redesign of internal components to make this the stealthiest ozone generator Ozonics has ever produced.

To simplify your time in the treestand, the HR500 now comes App Enabled to allow you to control the functions and operations via your smartphone through the Ozonics App. The app is free and loads quick and easy.

You just download the Ozonics App to your phone and follow directions to pair the app with your device.

The app allows you to change modes, check weather and wind conditions, as well as keep an eye on battery life. The process is smooth and simple, allowing you to keep your movement to a minimum to avoid spooking deer while in the treestand.

To minimize the hunter's movement in the tree even more, the company is now offering a remote controlled option on the new HR500. The remote control compatible options allows you to increase ozone output with the click of a button during critical times, or when you have a buck closing in on your stand location.

The remote control comes with a clip and strap, giving you several mounting options so you’ll always have it close by. It could easily be clipped to your bino or rangefinder strap to keep it close to your chest for an easy grab when you need it.

The HR500 is easily anchored to the tree with the Smart Arm Mount that allows you to position the device right where you need it for the best coverage. It also comes with an XL extended-life battery to keep you in the game longer than ever before. Battery life is 10 hours in the Standard mode and 8 hours in Boost mode.

The unit is priced at $599.99. Check it out online at

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