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Here's the dangerous truth about Gwyneth Paltrow's rectal ozone therapy

Jun 05, 2023Jun 05, 2023

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This Goop guru may not know it all.

Earlier this month, wellness queen Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to doing rectal ozone therapy, but now, doctors are warning against it.

The therapy, which uses medical-grade ozone gas administered through an ozone-generator device, can be inserted in your body in many ways, according to The Cleveland Clinic.

It can be blown up the bum via a catheter, as Paltrow has suggested she does.

Dr Stuart Fischer, who works as an emergency medicine physician in New York, told The Daily Mail that the scientific evidence to back up the practice was "controversial at best."

"There may be some unknown side effects or unknown benefits," Dr. Fischer told the outlet. "The efficacy, and the mode or the route are extremely questionable."

Dr. Fischer has studied alternative medicine, like ozone therapy, throughout his career, according to the outlet.

Ozone is a gas molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms, according to The American Lung Association. It's also known as smog, which is dangerous to breathe in.

The therapy claims to have multiple benefits, like reducing "oxidative stress," giving the immune system a boost, and protect your body from things like bacteria and fungus.

The gas can be blown up your rectum or other body parts, applied to your skin, mixed with your blood, injected into a muscle, or even ingested by drinking a small amount of it in oil or water, according to The Cleveland Clinic.

But don't get too excited — in 2019, the Food and Drug Administration actually put out a warning against ozone therapy and its usage.

At the time, the FDA stated that, "ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy."

According to The Daily Mail, getting the therapy in your rectum takes up to ten minutes and can be administered more than once a week.

In New York City, there are many places to get ozone therapy administered– The Drip Gym, located in Queens and Great Neck, Long Island, offers it via an IV at $250 per 25-minute session.

If you want to get similar benefits ozone therapy claims to give, the doctor recommended taking other dietary supplements like antioxidants instead.

He explained that this will slow down cell aging, which is what this ozone therapy claims it can do.

"That's what I would say works, this is relatively well researched, whereas ozone's benefit is controversial at best," Dr Fischer said.

Paltrow first made the admission about getting rectal ozone therapy during a March appearance on the "The Art of Being Well" podcast with her doctor, Will Cole.

During the podcast, she was asked what the "weirdest wellness thing" she’d ever done was. A clip of what she said was posted to TikTok, where it went viral.

"I have used ozone therapy, uh, rectally," Paltrow said in response. "It's pretty weird. But very — it's been very helpful."

During the podcast, she also talked about her "wellness routine," which included drinking bone broth for lunch and going into her infared sauna for 30 minutes per day.

She later came out and defended the routine via an Instagram story, blaming it on having "long COVID."

"I have been working to really focus on foods that aren't inflammatory, [and] it's been working really well," the actress explained. .

"This is based on my medical results and extensive testing I’ve done over time," the 50-year-old added.

She noted that her her routine wasn't "meant to be advice for anyone else."

Paltrow is currently standing trial for a 2016 ski-slope crash.

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