220VAC 3G/Hr Portable Ozone Generator for Home Air Fresher

220VAC 3G/Hr Portable Ozone Generator for Home Air Fresher

Package size per unit product 26.00cm * 58.00cm * 30.00cm Gross weight per unit product 8.000kg Lead Time 10 days (1 - 5
Basic Info
Model NO. RH-319-3
Gas Air
Frequency 50-60Hz
Installation Portable
Type Electrolytic Type
Model Rh-319-3
Transport Package Carton
Specification ce rohs
Trademark cnruihua
Origin Zhejiang
HS Code 8543709990
Production Capacity 50000 PCS/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 26.00cm * 58.00cm * 30.00cm Gross weight per unit product 8.000kg Lead Time 10 days (1 - 50 Pieces)
To be negotiated ( > 50 Pieces)
Product Description
RH-319 Portable Ozone Generator ozone output 3g/hr1.Product OverviewFor a long time, the medical and health pharmaceutical food processing have been used for air disinfectionultraviolet irradiation, chemical medicine fumigation method, such as spraying, defects one kind or anotherin the use of ozone sterilization products, provides a fast and efficient disinfection method of safe andreliable to use conveniently.There is an ideal version of traditional disinfection equipment, is to use ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2),gas under normal temperature. Low concentration of colorless smell of grass, easily soluble in water ozonechemistry more lively, strong oxidation ability when bacteria and harmful chemical substances, such asformaldehyde benzene immediately produce oxidation reaction,thereby sterilization to mildew to flavordecompose harmful gases and unstable ozone, it consists of one variation of oxygen. 2.Product ApplicationsRH-319 portable portable ozone generator light and easy to carry , and can be widely used in small food plants,pharmaceutical plants, purifying workshop, house, hospitals and other small areas where need air disinfection.3. Product Functions1). this product produced by the oxidation of ozone gas has strong catalytic effect, such as viruses and bacteriadue to a variety of the role of free radicals in the ozone gas, Make the dissociation of protein denunciation,nucleic acid and enzyme activity is reduced, thus has disinfection sterilization effect in addition to taste2). Ozone disinfection 2 scientifically proven way to broad-spectrum sterilization, exist blind Angle is less, forall kinds of bacteria and viruses have strong exterminate action.3).ozone and formaldehyde carbon dioxide and other toxic and harmful gas is degraded ethylene complicatedphysical and chemical reactions such as oxidation, and by-products nonpoisonous and harmless, can avoidbecause of using chemical disinfection methods to produce secondary pollution.4.Product SpecificationsProduct Name : Portable Ozone GeneratorOzone gas source: air sourcePurification area: 30 mg/h per cubic meter Power:220V-50HZWorking timer: relay time delay controlWorking hours: 10 to 60 minutes
Ozone output3000mg/hr5000mg/hr7000mg/hr10000mg/hr
Air purification area5-2525-3535-5050-65
Water purification volume (according to configuration)100-300kg300-500kg500-600kg600-1000kg
Product NamePortable Ozone Generator
Model NO.:RH-319
Product functionAir and water purifier (according to configuration)
Shell materialStainless steel or cold plate spray material
Product controlCircular working control (default)
Auto working control, mechanical switch timer control (custom-made)Note: The power varies due to the voltage or ozone discharge changes do not as a product specification basis.Usage method: place the ozone generator on the floor or desk, or as parts to connect with other equipment.Packing list: product instruction, 1 power line, 1meter silicon hose for water purification*1 air stone (air purifier have no silicon hose)
Purification objectOperation timeUsageNote
Air purification45minStart by usingPeople departure
Drinking water purification30minSilicon hose and air stone
Preparation of ozone water50minSilicon hose and air stoneAccording to real scene
Waste water purification60minSilicon hose and air stone
Medical treatment water purification60minSilicon hose and air stone


Food and Beverages
As an environmentally friendly disinfectant, ozone now is being used as an alternative to chlorine sanitizers in many segments of the food industry. Ozone-enriched water kills microbes as effectively as chlorine, and since it is generated on-site its use eliminates the need for personnel to handle, mix and dispose of harsh chemicals for sanitation. Further, since ozone readily reverts to oxygen, an end-product that leaves no residue on contact surfaces. Ozone-enriched water can be sprayed directly on floors, drains, walls, wet table equipment, tanks (externally and internally), and clean rooms via mobile or centralized systems with hand-held or drop-down, low-pressure sprayers. Over time, the use of ozonized water for sanitation in food plants removes and/or prevents biofilm. In addition, resulting runoff water is extremely clean and, over time, will improve overall plant sanitation by reducing overall microbial load.Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Ozone, a powerful oxidant, is effective against various kinds of microorganisms on fruits and vegetables. Promising results have been revealed in solving the problems of the food industry like mycotoxin and pesticide residues by ozone application. Spontaneous decomposition without forming hazardous residues in the treatment medium makes ozone safe in food applications. If improperly used, ozone can cause some deleterious effects on products, such as losses in sensory quality. Treatment conditions should be specifically determined for all kinds of products for effective and safe use of ozone.
Ozone is used in the poultry industry as air and water disinfection /treatments for the storage, incubation of eggs and breeding of healthy birds. Ozone being an effective oxidant, it is mostly used for processing, storage and transport of poultry and meat products. Ozonized water is used to feed the birds as drinking water, wash and sterilize meat and equipment's to kill harmful bacteria, virus, pathogens and deodorized the air inside poultry farm.

Beginning with the receiving/holding phase through the full body & Evisceration cavity antimicrobial wash to the "Chilling - Ozone Misting" to "Storage - Ambient Air/gas systems", all the way to the processed packaged retail cuts, extending the supply chain shelf life cycle. Applied ozone as an antimicrobial intervention works replacing or eliminating chemicals thereby reducing operational cost. Ozonized recycled denatured water is also used "for example" in CIP as a receiving and holding washout stage a value added HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) step.
Beverage production shows the variety of advantages to be gained by using ozone. Ozone can be used in a wide range of products, including wine, milk, bottled juices, soft drinks, and can also be used in the brewing process. When used to treat wine, ozone has a number of effects. First it is able to speed up the ageing process, thus reducing the overall time of production. It is used to avoid turbidity, which means that the wine keeps clear and clean. Milk production uses ozone to slow souring, which results in a prolonged storage life. The use of ozone in bottled juices and soft drinks pertains to the water that is used to make up many of the drinks. Ozone is used not only to disinfect the water, but also to rid it of any coloration. Within the brewing processes, ozone is used as a safer, and all round more preferable, option for the disinfection of pipelines, filters and bottles due to its non persistent and non toxic residue.


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